How To Port LOS 14.1 Based Rom For MediaTek MT6737/37M (64-bit) Nougat Based Using PC


Hello Guy’s I’m showing to you, how to port lineage os 14.1 based rom for mediatek MT6737/37M (64-bit) android 7.0 nougat 3.18.35 kernel based using PC. This guide working All los 14.1 nougat based to mediatek MT6737/37M (64-bit) android 7.0 nougat 3.18.35 kernel based.

Disclaimer : If you follow this guide. Then work at your own risk, If damage your device following this guide then Android GSM BD team not response your any complain.

 Requirement : 
1. 7-Zip/Winrar
2. Carliv Image Kitchen (PC Version)
3. Notepad++
4. Stock Rom (Backup or Downloaded)
5. Custom Rom (For Same Chipset & Kernel)
6. Some Brain

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 Guide : 
This guide working only on MT6737/37M (64-bit) to MT6737/37M (64-bit) same based. If you download any lineage os 14.1 based custom rom for MT6737/37M (64-bit) kernel based. Then this guide working perfectly. This guide not working for cross porting.

 Step 01 :  Make two folder and rename ‘stock’ and ‘port’

 Step 02 :  Extract stock rom ‘stock’ folder and CM/LOS based rom ‘port’ folder

 Step 03 :  Delete “recovery-from-boot.p” from /system

 Step 04 :  Replace stock to port folder
#From “etc” folder
* system/etc/firmware (whole folder)
* system/etc/mddb (whole folder) (If available on port rom)
* system/etc/agps_profiles_conf2.xml
* system/etc/apns-conf.xml
* system/etc/spn-conf.xml

 Step 05 :  Open build.prop using notepad++ and change it stock to port.
* ro.product.brand=
* ro.product.manufacturer=
* ro.product.model=
* ro.product.device=
* ro.sf.lcd_density=320 (Your device density)
* ro.sf.hwrotation=0 (Your device rotation angle 0, 180 or others)

[Note : Don’t edit any other line, If you edit then not flashing you device. This issue not show all custom rom]

 Step 06 :  Port “boot.img” using PC
Using carliv image kitchen
* Unpack stock & port “boot.img”
* boot.img-kernel (Replace Stock To Port)
* Repack Port “boot.img” & rename “boot.img”
* Copy & past ported boot.img port folder

 Step 07 :  Make zip file using winrar/7-zip & copy ported rom sd card first page & flash it using twrp recovery.

 Credits : 
* Rushiranpise
* S M Nahid Emon (Me)
* SiddHant BhaRdwaj
* Android GSM BD
* And Many More…

[Note : Please share this guide any place and if you need any help comment below]

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