[Non-Rooted] How To Port CWM/CTR/Philz/Twrp Recovery For Any Spreadtrum Devices Without PC


Hello Guy’s I’m Showing To You How To Port CWM/CTR/Philz/Twrp Recovery For Any Spreadtrum Devices without PC. This Method Working with Non-Rooted Device Perfectly. So Let’s Start & Follow Full Guide.

Disclaimer : If you follow this guide. Then work at your own risk, If damage your device following this guide then Android GSM BD team not response your any complain.

 Requirement : 
* Image Studio for Android (Apk)
* Stock Recovery Image (recovery.img)
* Any Custom Recovery (CWM/CTR/Philz/Twrp/Etc)

 Guide : 
 Step 01 :  Make Two Folder Like “Stock” & “Port” in Internal/External Storage Under and Copy Stock “recovery.img” Stock Folder & Custom recovery Port Folder Under. Now Rename Stock Recovery.img To “boot.img”.

 Step 02 :  Open “Android Image Studio” & Unpack Stock “boot.img” Using “Unpack/Mount” Option.
 Step 03 :  Now Export/Copy All Unpacking File in Stock Folder Under Using “Export Img” Option.
 Step 04 :  After Exporting Clean All Using “Cleanup” Option.
 Step 05 :  Now Rename Custom Recovery Default Name To “boot.img” & Unpack Port/Custom Recovery Following Stock boot.img Unpacking.

 Step 06 :  Now Delete This Unpacking Folder & Import This Same Unpacking Folder From Stock Folder.
* Split_img (Whole Folder)

 Step 07 :  Now Repack it Using “Repack” Option.
 Step 08 :  After Repacking Import “image-new.img” File Port Folder Under & This File is Your Ported New Recovery.img

 Or See This Video : 

 Credits : 
* Android GSM BD
* S M Nahid Emon (Me)
* AIS Tools Dev
* And Many More…

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