Dual Boot Patcher For Lava Pixel V2


Dual Boot Patcher For Lava Pixel V2 With MediaTek MT6735M Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow 3.18.19 Kernel. This Dual Boot Patcher App Working Perfectly on Lava Pixel V2 Devices. This Dual Boot Patcher App is Official Build For Lava Pixel V2.

Disclaimer : If you download this application from our site. Then work at your own risk, If damage your device using this application then Android GSM BD team not response your any complain.

 What’s Dual Boot Patcher :
Dual Boot Patcher is an Open Source Application That Allows Multiple ROMs To be Installed on a Single Android Device. It does It’s Best To Work with Existing Code and does not Require Explicit Support From ROMs. There are Currently 200+ Supported Devices and Their Variations.

 What Does The App Do ? :
It patches…
* Custom Kernels For Dual Boot Support
* ROMs So That They Can be Installed as Secondary
* Google Apps Packages For AOSP-Based ROMs
* SuperSU So That It can be Used in The Secondary ROM

 Device Info :
* Device Name : Lava Pixel V2
* OS Version : Android Marshmallow v6.0.1
* Chipset : MediaTek – MT6735M
* Kernel Version : Linux 3.18.19 (Stock Kernel)

 Download Link :
* DBP Apk – Chick here – (Size : 19.6 MB)

 How To Use The App :
* Download, Install And Open The App.
* Swipe To The Right To Open The Menu. Click “ROMS”. Now If This Is The First Time You Use It, It Will Ask You If You Want To Set Kernel. Do So!
* After It Has Finished Go To ROM Settings (Primary ROM 3 Dot Menu) And Select Update Ramdisk. It Will Update It And Will Ask You To Reboot. Press Reboot Now, Or Reboot Later.
* Now Download Any ROM You Like And Open The App Again And Open The Menu And Open Patch Zip File From The Menu. Ensure That Your Device Is Set To (Eyeul) And Under Partition Configuration Select Secondary (Will Install 2nd ROM In /System) Or Data Slot.
* Click Continue And Select Where To Save The Patched File.
* You Should See The File Is Being Put In “Queue”. Just Click The Confirm Button To The Upper Right.
Note: If You Want To Go Back, Just Swipe The ROM In Queue To Right And Start Over.
* The App Will Patch The Zip. When Done, Go Back To “Roms”.
* Click “Flash Zip Files” (The Big Pink Button On The Lower Right). Click The Pink Plus Button To Add Your Previously Patched Zip File.
* Locate The File You Have Patched In Step 7. Unless You Have Changed The Name There, It Should Be Something Like ROM_Name_Partition_Config_ID.Zip (Like RR*N*V5.8.5*20170707*Garlic*Unofficial_Dual.Zip).
* Click On That File And Choose “Keep Location”. Now Confirm The Flash With The Button On The Upper Right Side.
Note: You Can Also Install The Patched Zip Files In Recovery.
* It Will Now Open The Terminal And Begin Flashing The File. This Requires Some Patience. After It Has Flashed The File You’ll See Success Message In Green.
* Now Click Back And You Should See Your Newly Installed ROM Along With The Primary ROM.
Note: You Can Find More Options By Clicking On The Three Buttons On Each ROM.
* Now Reboot And Wait Till Finishing 2nd ROM First Boot. Install Dualbootpatcher Apk So You Can Easily Switch Roms, There Is Another Way To Change Roms: Flash Dualbootutilities.Zip And Switch ROM Manually.
Note: Using Bootui:
* Open App Then Select Settings And Press Install (Update) Bootui. Then Swipe To The Right To Open The Menu. Click “ROMS” Again And Open Secondary ROM Settings) And Select Update Ramdisk, Now You Can Change Roms Simply Using Boot Ui (Something Like Grub Bootloader But It Works Like Twrp)

 Credits :
* Chenxiaolong
* Github
* Parthib Rkr
* S M Nahid Emon
* Android GSM BD

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